Ewan MacLeod


I'm Ewan MacLeod, based in both UK and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

I'm a Strategic Transformation Leader - typically for banks and financial service providers - looking to transform. 

New Era Digital Partners

This is my technology consulting firm providing services to banks, FinTechs and related companies mostly in the Middle East.


Mobile Industry Review

I started this blog in January 2006 to track the growth and development of the mobile industry when it was incredibly exciting - this was a year before Apple announced the iPhone. Android was just an idea at the time and Nokia was producing a million handsets a day. At its height, the blog had over 150,000 monthly readers, but nowadays I only write occasionally.


Fintech Profile

I enjoy profiling the founders of FinTech companies - so I started a site back in 2015 to host those interviews and publish some opinions. I've had to stop publishing occasionally because of my contractual conditions with some banks I've been working with. 


361 Podcast

I've been recording the 361 Podcast since April 2011 with two great friends, Ben Smith and Rafe Blandford. The topic is the world of mobile technology and everything around it. 


Awesome Dubai Skyline photo by ZQ Lee on Unsplash